Home Treatments for 4 Unwanted Skin Complications

Skin disease is very familiar with you; because, it is very common diseases. If you are affected by skin diseases, you need not always to visit or consult with a doctor; rather, some skin diseases can be healed through some home remedies, which are:




Scars sometimes diminish your attraction in front of other guys. You can remove scars from your skin by applying home treatments without difficulty.

You need to blend milk or rose water with the powder of sandalwood; because sandalwood has some cleaning properties that remove scars. Both the sandalwood and rose milk eliminates scars and spots that occur in your skin or face.


You will make a paste and then apply in the area of your affected skin and keep the paste at least 30 minutes. Then wash your face gently using cold water. Hope you will get the expected results.



Pimples are very disturbing, and it is inflammation that may affect anybody. It is usual skin complications that can be healed through home remedies.

Garlic is very vital ingredients that help you to get rid of pimples. You need to cut garlic and then rub it smoothly into the affected area and keep it at least five minutes.

Honey has some properties that prevent inflammation, and it is used as natural antibiotics from ancient times. You can apply honey in affected areas and keep it at least 30 minutes. Ice is very effective to get rid of pimples quickly.​

Use cubes of ice. Apply ice in your skin frequently. White toothpaste is very effective to resist pimples. Use toothpaste in your affected area and keep it all night. Lemon is very effective to prevent pimples quickly.


You can apply lemon juice to resist a pimple. Use fresh lemon juice. Apply in the affected area before going to bed.

Steaming is very effective to prevent pimples, and also it is very good for skin complications. Apply steam not more than few minutes and use moisturizer to get the better results.

Peppermint is very effective to prevent pimples, and you need to crush Peppermint and extracts its juice, then use it on your affected area and keep it at least ten minutes and then wash the affected area using cold water to get the better results.


Stretch Marks

To remove stretch marks, you may use castor oil; because it is very effective. Use castor oil in the affected area of your skin and mildly massage at least twenty minutes.

Then give 30 minutes mild heat using the heat bag in the area and go on this treatment at least one month to get the expected results.

You also use the sugar scrub to get rid of this problem. You need to mix lemon juice, almond oil with raw sugar and then apply on the affected skin for ten minutes and then go for a bath. You also use the juice of potato.

Stretch Marks

Make various potato pieces and then rub it mildly in affected skin and dry the juice on your skin and then wash your skin with lukewarm water.



Use baking soda to get rid of acne. Mix water with baking soda and make a paste and then apply to your face and keep it for twenty minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. It will cure acne and reduce scars.

Oatmeal is also very effective for acne treatment. Mix oatmeal and water and make the paste. Then use this paste on your skin and make a mask and keep it at least fifteen minutes and later wash this facial mask using lukewarm water.


Tomato pulp is also a good home treatment for acne. You can mix tomato pulp with cucumber juice and use this mixture on your face and keep it at least fifteen minutes and wash your face smoothly. Besides; have profuse of drinking fresh water at least eight glasses of pure drinking water.

The vitamin is essential elements that resist various skin complications; especially vitamin A such as, green vegetables and carotene fruits to avoid various skin diseases. Never touch your face with dirty hands. You need to wait to get expected results.

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