Do’s and Do Not’s to Keep away from Skin Diseases

Skin diseases are extensively widespread all over the world. If you take some preventive measures, you will be able to prevent various skin diseases. Sometimes environmental factors may cause skin diseases. The causes of skin diseases may vary.


To avoid various common skin diseases you need to do some things that will help you to keep away from various skin diseases.​


Drink Pure Water

You need to drink fresh water at least eight glass water. It cleans your body and decontaminates your skin.


Have Vitamin

The vitamin is essential for your skin as it resists some skin problems. It protects you from several diseases. Have sufficient green vegetables as well as carotene fruits to dodge many skin diseases.

Using Vitamin E Oil

Use High-Quality Razor

Don’t use a blunt razor rather you should be a good-quality razor. Otherwise; it may harm your skin as well as cause's skin irritation.

 High-Quality Razor

Maintain Balance Diet

Maintain the balanced diet by having whole grains, vegetables, protein, and fruits. It will aid you to renew your skin as well as discontinue extreme oil production.

Maintain Balance Diet

Bath Regularly

Shower your whole body using cleaning product and shampoos; so that, oil production may be clogged. At all times take the shower later physical exercise as it will take away your damage skin cells.

Bath Regularly

Use Sunscreen

Sunlight transport's UV rays which can harm your skin harshly as well as causes some skin diseases. It can also initiate skin cancer.


Use Soaps

Use soap or shampoo to cleanse your skin well. You may use antiseptic soaps as well as organic soap and keep your skin germ free.

Soap or shampoo

Use Lotion on Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, use lotion or cream.

Lotion on Dry Skin

Use Foot Protection

You should not walk with bare foot. If you walk in the bare feet, many fungi and other's germs will upset your fingernails. Use slipper.

Foot Protection

Use Room Heater

In winter keep your skin warmth and adjust room temperature. Take suitable protection while going outside.

Room Heater

Use Moisturizing Shampoo

Use moisturizing shampoos in the bath to protect your skin as of numerous skin diseases.


Use Vaseline/Petroleum

Massage your skin with Vaseline or Petroleum to keep harmless to dryness.

​To avoid various common skin diseases, you should not do some things that will help you to keep away from various skin diseases.


Quit Smoking

You should not smoke as it creates various fatal diseases. It squeezes your skin’s blood vessels and reduces necessary oxygen flow; consequently, many skin diseases start developing.


Keep Away Your Hands from Your Face

Touching your face with dirty hands is forbidden. If you do so your face becomes dirty, and various germs attack your facial skin.

Touching face dirty hand

Don’t Wear Dirty Clothing

Lots of fungi and bacteria may grow well on moist skin. You need to be very careful before using cloth, because if the cloth is dirty, there might be various fungi and bacteria, they will affect your skin.

Don’t Wear Dirty Clothing

During hot weather, when you walk, then your skin rubs between thighs, breasts, and underarms; as a result, there creates sweating, and this sweating causes skin diseases. If you wear clean cloth, there would be low chance to occur skin diseases.


Never Use Others Dress

Fungi, bacteria, and other germs are highly infectious and contagious diseases. If you wear, others dress or use others towel, or bed sheet, skin diseases may transmit in your body.

Dress 2

So, be very careful before using others belonging. You need to wash, and clean others used things using hot water or detergent.


Quit Alcohol

Alcohol and smoking are very harmful to your skin. These harmful elements dehydrate your skin that is very dangerous for your skin, especially in the winter session.


Don’t Use Tap Water

In winter, tap water is not safe for your skin as it may contain some chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, etc. that may damage your skin. These chemicals are very harmful to the dry skin. You should use mineral water, cleaning lotion, cosmetic milk or toner.


​These help your skin to balance moisture and reduce skin irritation. These chemical reagents to also excellently eliminate day-to-day filths, disinfect and improve pores, fresh dry skin, and improve your skin.

To end with, you should develop self-awareness; so that, you will be able to evade some skin diseases.

Florence Lilley

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