Everything You Need to Know about Female Condoms

Female condoms are not, and the cause of this is simply because of not so many people, including women, know how to use them. Another thing about female condoms that makes them so unpopular is that most people don’t trust them and...


Think that it is easier for one to contract STDs when they are used. This last statement is untrue given the fact that these condoms are very safe and even better than the male condoms.

Female condoms are made from synthetic rubber meaning that they are very strong and have lesser chances of rupturing during sexual intercourse.

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Female condoms beat male condoms again in that they can be worn several hours before a sexual intercourse and remain safe for use. According to specialists, these condoms can be worn 8 hours before one indulges in sex.

Female condoms are very easy to use, but it can be challenging if you don’t have any idea on how to put them on.

Female condoms

Female condoms, like male condoms, are ideal for family planning and STD prevention. It works the same way as the male condoms by preventing a direct contact between the penis and the vagina during sexual intercourse.​

You should also know that a female condom cannot be re-used, and it is supposed to be disposed of after every single use. The female condom is also better compared to the male condom.

Because it can stimulate the clitoris making the sexual intercourse be plus, since it is made of synthetic rubber, female condoms can be used with a lot of lube for lubrication, and still it will not rapture, unlike the male condoms which can easily rapture when too much lube is used.​

The female condom should always be taken out before the woman stands up to avoid the collected semen from pouring out the condom.​

Female condoms

One question that might be running through your minds right now which is how it is worn. The female condom has two openings where one is wide, and the other is narrow.

To put it on, the narrow opening is squeezed using the index finger and the thumb before it is fixed inside the vagina. This can be achieved with the help of the other index finger which is used to push it in up to a depth of one inch, and the wide opening is left outside the vagina.

After using it, it should be removed carefully to avoid semen from spilling out. The wide opening that is left out of the vagina is first twisted to close it up before it is carefully pulled out.

Female condoms are 95% safe in preventing STDs and pregnancies when used correctly, and this is just the same as the male condoms.

Remember if you don’t know how to use the female condom, get help because if it is not used the right way, there are high chances of an accident occurring and whatever you were preventing be it pregnancy or STD can get past the condom through the opening.​

Never use male condoms together with female condoms. Not only is it pointless and would make sex less enjoyable, but this may also make both the condoms to rapture due to too much friction, and this may put the both of you at risk.​

Female condoms

Female condoms are unlike the male condoms are only available in some locations and not every retail shop like the male condoms, and this is simply because these condoms are not that familiar.

When buying the female condoms, you should make sure that you get one that has not yet expired.​ An expired female condom is useless and will not protect you from anything.

Final Words

Medical facilities like clinics and hospitals should be able to provide free female condoms, and they should also be available in some of the social places like parks.

Female condoms were developed to provide options to both men and women on how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Though they have not been received by the market as good as the male condoms were, female condoms are somehow better than the male condoms and just as effective in protection from STDs.​

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