What Are Teeth Whitening Rinses and How to Use Them?

Home teeth whitening are not an expensive affair. Nowadays a lot of natural and commercial teeth whitening options those are available. Also, the results are just as great as those achieved through professional or clinical teeth whitening.


A popular form of the home teeth whitening options today is the teeth whitening rinse. Teeth whitening rinses are special kinds of toothpaste that have been formulated and designed to be used in the whitening of stained or discolored teeth.

Aspects of the teeth whitening rinses that you definitely must know before you decide to use them:

The Method of Application

There are several different ways in which you can use the teeth whitening rinses. For instance, you can use them with your toothbrush or you can use them without. The idea is to cover the surface of your teeth with the teeth whitening rinse.

For maximum effectiveness, leave the rinse on the surface of the teeth for three to five minutes.


This will allow the whitening chemicals in the rinses to act on the teeth. After that rinse the mouth thoroughly using fresh, clean water. Do this at least once every day, preferably every morning after brushing your teeth.

Because of the differences in various commercial teeth whitening rinses as well as the risks and side effects associated with them it is important to consult and seek advice from your dentist before you settle down on any particular whitening rinse.

The Costs Involved

Teeth whitening rinses are among the cheapest of the home teeth whitening options. The exact cost of the rinses depends on the particular brand that you choose to buy.


The teeth whitening rinses should cost less than a hundred bucks and can be bought at your local drug store without the need for a prescription.


The results of using teeth whitening rinses are rarely immediate. On average, it can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months before the full results of the teeth whitening rinses can be enjoyed, depending on some factors.

The length of time that the results take will depend on the particular brand that you are using as well as the frequency of application.

For the best and fastest results, it is advisable that you use the teeth whitening rinses at least once every day. The more frequently you use the rinses, the faster you are likely to get the desired results.


Regarding the quality of the results, it is not easy to compare the results obtained by using the teeth whitening rinses to the results from other methods used in teeth whitening at home.

This is so because the results of the former do not appear all of a sudden but continue improving gradually over time as the rinses continue to be used.

Risks and Side Effects

One of the main advantages of using the teeth whitening rinses lies in the fact that there are very few risks and side effects attached to their use. In fact, the known side effects do not extend beyond tooth sensitivity and mild toothaches.

These side effects are normally very short-lived and fade off naturally and disappear over time even without the application of any other additional treatments.

If they fail to disappear or seem to get worse, you should visit your dentist for advice on other treatments. Not all of the commercial teeth whitening rinses are the same regarding formulation and chemical composition.


Therefore while some of the tooth whitening rinses may be perfectly harmless, others may contain excessive amounts of some chemicals that could carry greater risks and side effects. Read the information about the chemical composition of the teeth whitening rinses before you buy them.

Final Words

Your dentist, being an expert, will be in a better position to offer you advice relating to the effects and results that you can expect following the use of the selected teeth whitening rinse.

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