4 Easy Ways to Loosen Your Body Before Workout Sessions

We all know what working out consistently can do to our body. Whether you are aiming to gain more muscles, trying to cut out fat, or simply hoping to get stronger and healthier, there is always a workout routine that is perfect for you.


However, you must not overlook the fact that before working out, you must loosen up your body a little. A good warm up is important to get your body ready for the heavy grind.

Benefits of Warming Up

Here are some of the benefits of giving your body a good warm up before proceeding to your exercise routine. A good warm up:

  • Increases movement of blood through your tissues
  • Makes muscles more pliable
  • Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles
  • Prepares your muscles for stretching
  • Prepares your heart for an increase in activity
  • Prepares your mind for the exercise
  • Prepares your nerves to help the muscles
  • Improves coordination and reaction time
  • Helps you avoid injuries

Since eating too much can cause weight gain, you might not feel as confident as you used to as compared to when you were a little lighter. Over time, this can continue on to a more serious mental health issue, like depression and anxiety.

How to Loosen up Your Body

There is a variety of ways to loosen up your body before working out. Of course, there are specific warm up routines that perfectly fit your kind of workout. In here, we focus on the most fundamental steps to warm up.


Shake Things up

Continuously shaking your body is simply a perfect way to start your exercise routine. It is very simple, and it does not require too much effort. You just stand straight with your arms down, and start shaking your two hands.


Then, spread the movement to your arms, to your shoulders, your hips, your legs, and your feet. This allows you to simply move every muscle group in your body and wake them up.

Note however, that I did not include the neck and head area in here. This is because shaking the head and neck area will cause dizziness, which could derail your workout. I highly recommend you not to shake your head for the warm up.


Stretch Your Muscles

There have been studies that say that stretching before working out can lead to injury. However, those stretches primarily focus on stretching the muscles by holding the body in one position for a few seconds.

Here, I recommend to stretch your muscles with continuous movement. Raise your arms and put it back down in a smooth, gliding movement. Spread your legs wide and put them close together. Rotate your shoulders, hips, and knees. Bend over to reach your toes and stand back up right after.


Make sure that you do not move too fast because that can lead to injury. However, it is also important not to move too slowly, so you can actually pump up the muscles as you move.

You can also stretch your neck in this manner. However, make sure that you do not do it too fast so you will not be dizzy after.



Once you are all stretched out, you can continue loosening up your body by practicing the exercise that you have in mind. If you are at the gym, you can do this by actually doing the exercise without putting on the weights.


Do some bench press by holding the bar without any weights on it. Practice your bicep curls without touching any equipment. Do some squats without any piece of equipment on your shoulders.

If you are going for a long run, on the other hand, you can also do some squats, lunges, and jumping jacks. You can also run a little, without putting up the intensity.


Get Your Heart Pumping

Before jumping into your routine, it is important to get your heart pumping a little. Here, you up the intensity level little by little until you start to feel the blood flowing smoothly throughout your body.

If you are at the gym, the best way to do this is to do cardiovascular exercises. Get on the stationery bike or the stepper for five to 10 minutes.

Get Your Heart Pumping

Start out slow, simply let the weight of your legs move the equipment, and you add some pressure little by little until you are going at your most comfortable speed.

If you are going for a run, the best way to pump up your heart is to start running at a slow pace. Then, you increase your speed as you go along. Once you feel your heart pumping, you are ready to proceed to your workout routine.

Final Words

It is always important to loosen up our body before proceeding to our workout routine. Giving yourself a few minutes to prepare for the exercise proper is simply great for your body.

Warming up simply offers too many benefits, and it does not pose any threat to your body. With a little loosening up, you prepare your body and mind for the heavy grind. You also get to maximize your routine and avoid injuries.

Always warm up and loosen up your body before exercise. Not only will it help you get the best out of yourself as you train, it will also help you avoid injuries.

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