How to Lose Fat While Building Muscle? − 13 Simple Tips to Follow

Losing weight does not have to involve torturous means like skipping meals when there are other advanced modes which have been proved to be more effective and produce desirable outcomes within a short time span.


Love handles, beer belly – whatever you prefer to call that area of fat around your waist, that soft area tends to be very stubborn and hard to get rid of when it comes to shedding a few pounds.

If you are planning to get ripped before you go to the beach or to a party, you will have to work extra hard. You don’t need to worry though, because even if this area is hard to get rid of, there are actually lots of ways that you can eliminate it from your body. 

Some Effective Tips to Burn Fats Naturally

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Ways to lose fat

There is no secret to losing belly fat, but the few most important things that you should be practicing and committing to is your diet, consistent trips to the gym, and getting enough sleep.

It sounds simple right? It is – but with people’s active lifestyle, it becomes harder and harder to maintain your diet, especially when you start getting dragged by friends or family members to eat at a buffet or catch up with a few bottles of beer.

There will always be temptation, but it is important to have some discipline so that if in any case that there is already progress, you will not end up relapsing and starting all over again because you failed to maintain your diet and exercise.


Get up and Do Some Work

Instead of staying home and becoming un-productive, go to the gym. Make sure that all your exercises are not performed sitting down, because doing so will not allow you to lose enough for you to get rid of the belly fat.


Try workouts like lunges, hanging leg raises, and anything that involves building your strength.


Lift Before You Do Your Cardio

Your routine should always involve a warm up, your main workout and a cool down. So that means, that for every exercise that you do, always make sure that you have a decent heart rate, and then after your workout go again for cardio.


The same speed or intensity you get will have greater effect as compared to running before an intense workout.


Eat More Food That Is Rich in Fiber

If you are really trying to lose weight, food that is rich in fiber will be a better alternative compared to carbohydrates, because their bulk will take up more space in your stomach, thus resulting in a full stomach, which helps you eat less food.



Don’t Skip Meals

Never skip a meal if you are trying to lose weight and extra belly fat, because this will just give you a reason to indulge more. It would be better to eat 6 times a day rather than 3 big meals in a day. Make sure that if you are going to eat frequently, divide your food into small portions so that you wont get hungry the entire day.



Drink Plenty of Water

Never go to the gym without water. Same thing goes for working out. When you exercise, your body runs out of water because you sweat profusely. Make sure to replenish all the liquid that you take out of your body by drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day.


1 tall glass of water when you wake up in the morning when your stomach has absolutely nothing in it, and the other 7 throughout the day.


Drinking Green Tea

Taking a cup or two of green tea is necessary for enhancing the burning of excess fats. Catechins contained in this drink helps in speeding up the general metabolism of the body and thereby accelerating the burning of fats within the body.


Moreover, regular drinking of green tea has also been associated with a drop in cholesterol levels are responsible for weight gain.


Count Your Calories

Going on a diet also means that you need to take note of how many calories you take in a day. It is a good idea to keep a journal of your meals, so that you can take note of all the food you have eaten everyday, and list down how much calories it contains. This will help keep your eye on your fitness goal.



Rest Properly

Your workout will not work if you do not get the right rest. Your body needs to rejuvenate after a painful day at the gym.


Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day regularly, and maintain your sleeping patterns, so that your muscles won’t be as sore the next day. Having sore muscles will just hinder you from doing a lot of workouts.


Take Note of Your Weight

When you get the time, make sure to always check your weight so that you know how much you have gained, and how much you have lost since your last workout session. This will not only keep you conscious, but it will keep your motivation in tact at all times.



Manage Your Stress

To burn more calories; you should employ better stress management strategies. Unnecessary stress does not only enhance the production of cortisol hormone which slows down your body’s metabolism but also encourages fat storage beneath your abdomen.


Listening to your favorite music and engaging in social activities with your close friends can be a great start.

Ways to Build Muscles


Pump Iron Workouts

Weight training involved in this workout helps in increasing the general muscle content of the body. For every single pound of muscle added to this exercise, about nine pounds of fats are shed off naturally.

Pump Iron Workouts

Doing sets of ten of this exercise on a daily basis can see you lose considerable weight within two weeks or even less.


Rev up Workouts

This incorporates the addition of high-intensity moves between short exercise sessions that last for not more than ten minutes. For instance, someone who usually jogs for ten minutes daily, you can add a thirty-second sprint session after every five minutes. 

Rev up Workouts

This strategy has been proved to boost the body’s metabolism and enhance the burning of calories faster than the common aerobic exercises.


Attend Regular Swimming Sessions

Besides being a rich source of pleasure, regular swimming helps greatly in burning excess calories especially those around the arms. Swimming also increases the metabolic rates by a greater percentage in addition to toning down your bums.


Final Words

​The right exercise will also ensure that you get the desired results within the required time frame. This is something that most people are not aware of and end up wasting quite a lot of time at the gym and get no results.

​To make sure that you get the proper results in the required time frame you should seek the services of a personal trainer so that they get to guide you on the required training techniques.

​Most gyms have trainers who would be willing to help you meet the goals, and all you have to do is hire their services. In general, all these tips when used together will ensure that you get the required results.

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