7 Tips to Lose Extra Weight and Get in Shape Within Six Weeks

Having an excessive weight is considered stressful and a health risk at the same time. Many women have therefore resorted to multiple ways of cutting down on their current weight but to no avail. Try the following tips and you will achieve desirable changes within six months.


Tips To Help You Lose Weight in Less Than Six Weeks

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Drink Plenty of Water

One of the best ways to lose weight naturally is a consistent intake of water. Water is an essential component of the body system and taking at least eight glasses in a day is a good start off.

Enough water within the body keeps your body hydrated, thereby easing metabolic processes within the body. With increased metabolism, maximum performance of the liver, which is responsible for fat processing, is guaranteed.


Moreover, toxins which might be responsible for the unhealthy gaining of weight are easily removed from the body system in the presence of enough water within the body system.


Regulation of Sodium Intake

Sodium is one mineral that is responsible for retention of most fats within the body. By cutting down on foods rich in sodium, you will have taken a key step into shedding a considerable amount of weight within six weeks.

Regulation of sodium intake

Many of the takeaway foods and preserved drinks have high contents of sodium and thereby avoiding such like foodstuffs is a necessary measure in cutting down some weight


Increasing Fiber Intake

Foods rich in fiber have been known to play a major role in weight loss. Since the presence of fiber eases digestion, more food will be properly digested and assimilated into the body system rather than be stored as fats. Moreover, fiber has been known to add bulk to foods.


It is, therefore, helpful in regulating the general food intake thereby ensuring that only considerable amount of meal is consumed. Foods like oats meal, most fruits, and vegetables like spinach have high fiber content and should, therefore, be part of your regular diet.


Carrying Out Regular Exercises

One of the most effective ways of losing weight within a short span of time is conducting multiple workouts and attending gym sessions. This will ensure that a considerable amount of calories is burnt for every activity you engage in.

Through regular exercises, more calories will be burnt down compared to the amount taken in. General metabolism of the body system is also achieved by regular exercises, ensuring that proper assimilation of food is taken care of at the expense of storage.


This can best be achieved by having routine workouts for a minimum of thirty minutes, each and every day of the week.


Getting Enough Rest

Funnily enough, having a nap has always been associated with laziness and increase in weight. However, recent research has shown that sleeping for a considerable amount of time is very instrumental in weight loss.

Taking eight or seven hours daily for resting will allocate good time for your body system to work out perfectly. Having insufficient sleep has always been associated with overeating which is a major contributing factor in weight gain.


However, oversleeping is also a risk and should never be confused with having enough rest.


Setting Reasonable Short Term Goals

Before starting a weight loss mission, you must have specific goals which are measurable and realistic. Setting up an achievable goal is a key step in losing weight.

By achieving your realistic goals, you will be highly motivated to continue with the diet and routine exercises you have been carrying out.

Setting goals which are too high might not only demoralize you upon failure to achieve them but can also create harmful effects on your general health.


This can best be set by considering your weight and then calculating the amount you would lose comfortably without having to stress yourself.


Taking Light But Consistent Meals

Many people have been misled into skipping meals as a mode of losing weight within a short period. This is not only harmful to your health but is also demanding. Instead, opt for taking light meals, portioned into about six to eight sessions.


This will give your digestive system enough time to carry out its functions efficiently. Through this mode, more the nutrients will have been used before being replaced as opposed to taking heavy meals which result to mass storage of fats; the real source of putting on weight.

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