How to Make Your Own Hair Shampoo?

Rapidly growing and healthy hair requires natural components and ingredients which are majorly present in homemade hair solutions. Mixing these ingredients to come up with an effective mixture of hair shampoo is one of the easiest tasks and can be achieved in several ways.


For a start, you need to have in place rosemary, castle soap, sage, nettles, lavender and a container or even a bottle for holding the contents. To a mason jar, add two cups of distilled water which provides a favorable medium for the uniform mixture of the ingredients.​

Similarly, add 4 oz of the castle soap having either peppermint or eucalyptus scent to give the resultant mixture a pleasurable scent. Mix the component thoroughly before adding a half oz of nettles.

The major role of nettle is the provision of sufficient nutrient to the scalp area thereby facilitating rapid hair growth. Also, this herbal extract serves as a blood purifier and stimulator which are necessary for efficient metabolic procedures including hair growth.

Shake the resultant mixture and leave for an average of two minutes before adding 200 mg of MSM which facilitates the provision of organic sulfur to your scalp.


The organic scalp is a necessity for strong and healthy hair. The presence of MSM in the shampoo also eases the penetration of the other herbal component deep beneath the skin and beyond the hair follicles to initiate healthy hair growth. Half oz of rosemary can be added after that.​

Rosemary is an essential ingredient in stimulation of the hair follicles in addition to prevention of premature baldness. This is closely followed by thorough mixing of the varied ingredients to achieve a homogenous mixture.

In an attempt to reduce itchily and flaky conditions that are normally associated with long hair, the addition of half oz of lavender is necessary.​

Just before subjecting the herbal mixture to heat condition, remember to add half oz of sage if the herbal shampoo is to last for longer periods as it possesses antioxidant properties.

Moreover, it is also a rich antibacterial source which fights off unnecessary dandruff and germs that might be present in the hair.

The mixture can then be put over a stove under gentle heat. Leave this for an about twenty minutes before pulling it off the heat source for cooling. Having cooled for forty minutes, carefully strain the mixture several times into a bowl.​


The resultant shampoo can then be lowered into the container or bottle having strained herbal tea. Cap the bottle and shake the contents for an additional five minutes. Before you know it, you will be having your natural shampoo ready for use, free of additives and toxic chemical components like sulfur.​

Alternatively, you can make a natural homemade shampoo using water and only soap nut extract. This is considered simpler yet very useful. Simply mix the soap nut powder with a cupful of water to attain a homogenous liquid.​

After that, steadily add soapnut oil as you stir the mixture randomly until a paste-like a mixture is reached. You would have achieved perfect homemade shampoo which can last you opt to two washes. This kind of shampoo is ideal for nurturing a healthy scalp and maintaining clean dandruff free hair.​

The only drawback it might com along with is its reluctance in lathering as compared to other commercial shampoos and should, therefore, be used as a supplement.


Lastly, you can obtain your natural homemade shampoo from a mixture of water and baking soda. Baking soda is an essential component of rapid hair growth and is, therefore, preferable. Simply add a tablespoonful of sodium bicarbonate to a bottle full of pure water.

Shake the bottle vigorously for an average of five to seven minutes. You will have achieved your shampoo ready for use. Applying it only involves squirting the bottle and releasing bits of the shampoo on the scalp and other parts of the hair.

Follow this by gentle massage of the scalp hair for about three minutes for effective results. After that, you can rinse it off with warm water and make your hair according to your desirable style.​

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