How Should You Dress For Various Occasions?

It is often said that a real man is seen from his attires and the outward look and presentation. You cannot convince someone that you are a responsible person yet what you display from a first glance is an entirely different picture.


Being presentable does not mean getting smartly dressed in a suit but being fit and having on the right attires for every single occasion or gathering. One of the most common occasions that men often go to are business launches for certain companies. 

In such like a forum, it is often advisable to appear as formal as possible. You can opt for a plain shirt, or one with few checks or stripes. Most preferably, it ought to be long sleeved as this shows a level of seriousness in you.

​You can as well opt for the short sleeved version but always keep it smart and well ironed. Considering the perfect color for this is also vital. A black, navy blue or gray outfit is great. As for the trousers, go for a plain one without plaits, for the younger generation.

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​For this option of trousers, black is always the color but at times navy blue is often preferable depending on your taste.

​The shoes can either be black or brown but must be formal shoes. For a gathering of this nature, open shoes should never cross your mind as they are not considered as official attire. With this combination, you will appear presentable and prominent among your colleagues and friends.

A weekend out is yet another occasion that most men attend. It might be a party or just a leisure walk.

These are often considered as informal gatherings, and therefore a casual outfit best puts you in a position of being considered a fashion icon. From the top, you can have on a casual shirt of fairly conspicuous color.

​It can be of any fabric, but mostly cotton is preferable for comfort and a sense of class. However, most men prefer to wear T-shirts as opposed to shirts for such events. This is not a poor option either. The polo T-shirts can do you some good for such occasions.


​These can b short sleeved, long sleeved or even sleeveless in case the venue for that party is fairly warm. On the lower side, you know it.

Designer authentic jeans will bring out your full personality. Black or blue color can do, but even dark blue is never bad.

However choosing a bright color like red for jeans isn’t considered trendy at all. The footwear can be Timber Land shoes or any other casual footwear that will make you appear fashionable and classy at the same time.

​Dressing up for a wedding occasion is yet another hurdle for men. Since this is often considered as a formal gathering, it is in your best interest to appear official especially if you have a closer link to the new couples.

​Choosing a three piece suit will not only make you presentable but also showcase the high level of respect you have accorded this special union.


The coat should be sizeable enough, and a slim fitting choice would be preferable, especially for a youngster.

To some people, black is always the perfect color for a suit designed for a wedding. However, with the changing trends in the fashion landscape, you can go out of the way and opt for a white one!

​You will be both unique and fashionable at the same. Keep the shirt and ties for a suit of that nature plain. As for the footwear, have a pair of black or brown or even white presentable and formal shoes.

​For a church session, being official is often preferable. This can be a plain shirt and a formal trouser with designer shoes which can be a color of your choice, depending on your taste. Once in a while having a three piece suit to church is advisable.

Final Words

Lastly, when you are going to a sports event or an open tournament, always strive to look like a sportsman yourself to enjoy the particular event. Select the Prada shoes, or even the canvas design together with a sports T-shirt not forgetting a casual sports short or track suit. You will have dressed to kill.

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