Natural Ways to Get Shiny and Voluminous Hair

Thick, shiny, and well-kept hair is not only making a woman look more feminine but also shows a level of concern and responsibility for being trendy. Achieving all these has often driven many ladies into practicing certain harmful techniques which have not only been unsuccessful but produced reverse effects.


Instead, you should opt for natural ways which produce real-time results and are far much simpler as seen below.​


Occasional Vinegar Rinse

As opposed to giving your hair the normal wash of water, try rinsing off your hair using apple cider vinegar. Simply compose a mixture of half cupful apple cider vinegar and distilled water.

Occasional Vinegar Rinse

Shake the mixture for a few mutes and then apply it on the scalp coupled with numerous massage of the areas where it is applied.


Routine Conduct of This Exercise

At least once a week, will not only give your hair a fresh start but also leave it shiny and bouncy. This also ensures always moisturized hair condition necessary for preventing hair fall that is normally associated with dryness of the hair.


Partition of Hair Into Sections During Blow Drying

This is mostly effective in achieving voluminous hair within a short span of time. Simply lift a section of the hair upwards while blow drying. This creates an opportune lifting of the hair roots which facilitates rapid hair growth and create a uniform voluminous look.

Partition of Hair Into Sections During Blow Drying

The Avocado Air Masks Therapy

This is a simple technique of obtaining shiny hair and enhancing the overall hair growth. All you need is an avocado with a considerable amount of distilled water. Smash the avocado to get a paste which is then applied on the damp hair as you gently massage the areas of application.

The Avocado Air Masks Therapy

Leave for an average of twenty minutes before rinsing it off with pure distilled water. This technique is not only ideal for shiny, and bouncy appearance of the hair but also improve the general hair texture; making it soft and appealing.


Regular Hair Brushing

Just after waking up, consistent brushing of the hair in the morning is an essential step in achieving a shiny and voluminous hair.

Hair Damage Repair

Hair brushing is responsible for general distribution of the natural hair oils from the hair roots to tips. Moreover, it also facilitates smoothening of the hair strands that normally flattens during the night.


Avocado Air Wraps Technique

For a fully moisturized and healthy growing hair, this is the perfect practice to go for. Peel an avocado and add nine drops of almond oil to it. After that, add up to four teaspoons of honey as you mix them to provide a perfect blend.

This is then applied to the hair ends of wet hair after which a towel is wrapped around the hair and left for about thirty minutes.


Upon removal of the towel, carefully rinse off your hair with warm water. Consistent application of this technique helps in achieving a fully moisturized and shiny hair that is free from constant hair loss that might result from dryness of hair.


Lemon Aid Hair Treatment

This is a hair maintenance routine that aims at enhancing the rapid growth of the natural hair and its bouncy appearance. All you require is one large lemon well mixed with a conditioner. Apply it on the hair and leave for about five minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off with warm water.


Carrying out this hair maintenance practice also assist in the elimination of residual chemical build up which might hinder rapid hair growth and thereby providing ideal conditions for the healthy development of voluminous hair.


Consistent Use of Silk Hair Wraps During the Night

As opposed to cotton hair wraps, you should consistently use silk wraps to cover your head before retiring to bed. This prevents absorption of hair oils by cotton and excessive moisture loss which might result to dry hair that is prone to falling.

Moreover, this will also enable their hair to remain shinier the natural ills responsible for the bouncy appearance of the hair will be retained.

This practice is also responsible for removal of old dead hair that might have fallen off while sleeping and thereby creating more room for the development of new and faster developing voluminous hair.

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