7 Good Reasons to Skip Lunch While You Are Working

Every day, we deal with a lot of things at work. Whatever it is that we do, we all may have been overwhelmed by the number of things that we have to do at one time or another. And when we try our best to complete all our tasks, we may forget to take that one hour lunch break.


Others may eat their lunch right at their desk while working. People might say that doing the latter is great. Not only do you get to eat your lunch, you also get to do a lot of things at work at the same time. 

However, that is not really the case. Here we list down the reasons why you should not eat your lunch while you are working:


It Is Not a Good Eating Habit

Eating lunch while you are working is definitely a big no no. This does not allow you to have a proper meal the proper way. When you eat while working, you cannot focus on your lunch. You cannot eat in a relaxed manner.


There is still too much stress in your mind while your body is taking in the nutrients of the food you are eating. Because you are still under stress, you also tend to eat more.


It is Not a Good Working Habit

Eating lunch while working is also not a good working habit. Not only do you risk spilling your food on your computer, important documents, or office supplies, you also fail to put your full focus on the task at hand. Without that focus, you cannot perform at your optimum level.

Because you may also eat lunch later than you should, you also run the risk of being visited at your desk by an office-mate or your boss while you are eating.


This is just a bad working habit, especially because they might need something that happens to be urgent, and they might feel awkward to ask you to do something while you are in the middle of eating your lunch.


You Make Poor Food Choices

Because you are eating at such a stressed situation, you tend to pick food that you can eat despite the mess on your desk. A Forza Supplements survey found that people who sit at their desk for lunch are more likely to have fattening foods in their diet.


That means they pick less-healthy food for lunch, and they take more trips to the vending machine later in the day. That makes them consume hundreds of extra calories. This, obviously, becomes a bat eating habit in the long run.


It Makes You Sit Longer

Without standing up and walking to the lunch room, you tend to sit on your chair, especially because you are working as you eat. This makes you spend a lot more time with your butt touching your seat. 


This also does not allow you to extend your stomach. Therefore, after eating, the food does not flow down smoothly in your stomach. This causes you to have a bigger tummy.


You Don't Get Exercise

This is closely related to seating longer. Because you do not stand up and take that short walk to the lunch room, you also get less exercise. With less exercise, you get prone to getting fatter a lot faster. You also run the risk of getting cramps.



It Is Not Healthy for Your Brain

Eating your lunch while you are working is definitely not healthy for your brain. After spending the entire morning racking up your brain to meet your work requirements, your mind also has to take a little break. Without giving your mind a break, you do not allow it to work at its best.


Your mind does not work well, and you turn out to function slower. Your ideas will also be not as sharp. Not only does it pose a threat to your brain, you also run the risk of looking like a complete idiot in front of your boss and office-mates during meetings.


You Miss out on Socializing

Lunch time is the perfect time for officemates to socialize and develop a more personal relationship with each other. This is because it is the only time that you can talk with your officemates about topics that are not related to work.


You learn about their personal lives, their hobbies, and the things that they like. If you do not eat with them, you are missing out on a lot about the office life.

Final word

So much of what you will be able to achieve in the afternoon relies on having a great lunch break. If you get to have a nice meal and a good rest during that one hour period, then you will not be able to perform well at work in the afternoon.

It is obvious that eating your lunch while you are working is not a good idea. This prevents you from performing at your best. This also hinders your personal relationship with the people at work, and poses a threat to your physical well-being.

Always eat your lunch away from your work desk. Have lunch with your office-mates, whether in the lunch room or outside the office. This not only results to more productivity at work, but also help you be healthier physically and socially.

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