Protection and Pleasure: Choosing The Right Condoms

Ask any man randomly regarding condoms and the answer will almost invariably the same. They show reluctance regarding using condoms. Due to Condom, they feel uneasy especially during oral sex because of its fragrance. So the complaints against condoms are practically endless.


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People can’t deny the essence of condoms to prevent various sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV AIDS and all kinds of STDS. Besides, if we want to get rid of unwanted pregnancies; we cannot but using condoms.​

Fortunately, the use of condoms during sex does not have to be such a bother. If you take some time to choose a condom that’s right for you, the entire episode will improve. Here are 2 of the most important factors that you should take into close consideration before you settle for the best condom.​

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Condoms, if well select, we can make sex a lot more pleasurable. If you wish to make the lovemaking event a lot more pleasurable, then you should consider opting for studded condoms.

Female condoms

The studs on these condoms rub against your skin when you get down to business and send more sensations to your penis.

Oral Sex

If you think that there is a possibility for oral sex, you should include the feelings of your partner when you choose condoms. The more traditional condoms usually have a unique smell that most people consider a turn-off. Flavored condoms, on the other hand, smell sweet and some even taste the same.

There are numerous such condoms, and they come in a wide variety of flavors. The choice of the best flavor is entirely up to you and your partner since everyone has his preferences.

What Is The Best Condom Brand?

First off, it is important to make a note of the fact that all condom brands are subjected to the same quality tests and, as such, the name of the brand alone is not a sufficient basis on which to make your choice of the right condom.

A better approach would be to consider the materials out of which the condoms are made. In this respect, two particular condom materials should be reviewed. They are:



This is a medical polyurethane that is much stronger, yet way thinner than latex. It is considered the most advanced of the materials used to make condoms and therefore is bound to cost you a little more than you would pay for regular condoms.


The fact that this material is very thin means that it can transmit bodily heat and thereby to increase the pleasure of sex. Also, it has practically no smell or taste and can be used for oral sex since the nasty latex taste common to other condoms is eliminated.



Like micro sheer, Tactylon does not cause any allergic reactions when used during oral sex. Also, compared to latex, it stretches a lot more comfortably. Its benefits are also a little more pricey, but they are worth every penny.

Female condoms

Additional Comments

For the overly sensitive guys, some condoms can help you last longer during sex. These condoms are usually referred to as performance enhancing or desensitizing condoms.

They contain small amounts benzocaine which has the effect of reducing the sensations sent to the penis during sex. However, you might have to try them out first before actual sex especially if your skin is very sensitive.

Most of the condoms mentioned above may not be easily available at your local store, and you might have to visit a pharmacy or drug store to lay your hands on them.

Female condoms

If you don’t have the time or cash for that, there are always the more traditional latex condoms which are more readily available and a lot cheaper. Despite the problems associated with them, they might save you many regrets in future and, perhaps, may just save your life as well.

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