How Can Taking Excessive Antidepressants Lead to Diabetes?

Recent research has proven that continuous use of antidepressants may increase a person’s chances of suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Antidepressants are, in simple terms, drugs used to treat depression and anxiety complications among other conditions.


​While the right clinical dosage may be medically advantageous, continuous use of antidepressants or overdose of antidepressants may be harmful to your health.

Diabetes is a body metabolism disease condition recognized worldwide. It is a condition whereby the body of a person does not produce enough insulin or does not produce insulin at all. It may also be as a result of the cells of the body not acting properly to the insulin pigment produced.​

This condition often leads to high blood sugar level which may be fatal if not treated appropriately. There are three major symptoms of diabetes an (also called Diabetes Mellitus).​


The symptoms include Polyuria which is a condition of frequent urination, Polydipsia which is the condition of frequently feeling thirsty and Polyphagia which is the condition of frequently feeling hungry. Diabetes can be two types: Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.​

​Type 1 diabetes is a caused by a condition where the human body does not secrete any insulin at all. It is majorly referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes. For Type 1 diabetes there is only one treatment which is through the taking of insulin shots in the form of injections.

This may happen throughout a patient’s life since Type 1 diabetes has no permanent cure. However, is not as common as Type 2 diabetes.​

Type 2 diabetes, is where the body produces insulin, but the cells in the body are either insulin resistant or do not respond to insulin. Insufficient production of insulin may also cause it. This is the most common type of diabetes in the world today.​


It is caused majorly by our lifestyle habits. Overweight is a major cause of Type 2 diabetes. Lack of exercise, excessive intakes of sugary foodstuff, alcohol or even cigarette is some of the causes of Type 2 diabetes.​

This is where the relationship between antidepressants and diabetes comes in. Antidepressants are naturally and conventionally designed to treat depression. However, an overdose or continuous use of antidepressants may totally affect the user’s lifestyle.​

This, in the long run, may lead to diabetes, specifically Type 2 diabetes. Excessive use of antidepressants may lead to overweight. An overdose of antidepressants may largely affect our diet and general eating habits. They largely require a lot of food and energy to be digested and incorporated into the body system.​


This largely drives the user to eat more and more food. Before you know it, you will be suffering from excessive fat especially the visceral fat around blood vessels, stomach fat, and abdominal fat. These expose you to higher risks of suffering from insufficient insulin production which is Type 2 diabetes.​

​Obesity also stimulates the body to produce certain chemicals that may counter the actions of insulin in the body and make the body cells resistant to insulin.

​Physical inactivity is also another way in which antidepressants relate to diabetes. An overdose of antidepressants makes the body less active. Antidepressants take up a lot of energy in their digestion and absorption of the blood and body system.


This normally takes up a lot of energy which would have been otherwise used in regular exercise and body workouts like jogging, swimming and attending the gym. Body inactivity is also another predisposing factor towards being diabetic. It may make you gain weight thus accumulating a lot of fat in your body.

Final Words

From these, it is clear that antidepressants are the ‘necessary evils’ of our daily lives. While they save our lives in one situation, they become quite harmful in another circumstance altogether. It is thus advisable to seek and explore other ways of dealing with depression and anxiety which are friendlier to the body.​

​If you have to use depressants, we should use them according to prescriptions and avoid any form of overdose or over reliance on the antidepressants. This way we will keep our bodies from any risks of suffering from diabetes.

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