6 Tips to Increase Libido Naturally

In the case of men, having a long-lasting libido is quite critical as it affects your whole life including your relationship and it helps to retain your self-esteem. However, some men who suffer from erection dysfunction and are unable to maintain an erection for a longer or required period of time.


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 Some of these erection dysfunction conditions are curable naturally while others may need special attention from a specialized. There are ways through which one can naturally regain or improve his libido without undergoing any medication or surgery, and they may include:-


Maintain Good Health

You might not realize this yet, but a bad health and eating habits may affect your libido. According to research, it was discovered that most fat men perform poorly in bed and apart from being unable to maintain a long lasting erection, they ejaculate quite fast.


If you want to improve your libido, and you are such a man, the first thing you have to do is to lose weight by getting rid of fatty and sugary foods. Eating a lot of fruits can also help here since the vitamins are very important for blood to build up and flow in the body.


Maintain Good Health

Doing workouts can be very important in improving your libido. Working out your body re-leaves it from tension, and this has the effect of relaxing even the blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.

If you might not have known it, erection is normally cost by the efficient flow of blood through the penis muscle.

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When you are relaxed and preparing to have sex, you will realize that you will take much longer before you ejaculate. Relaxation also helps you to focus during sex because some of the causes of underperformance in bed are divided attention normally caused by stress on most occasions.


Keep away from Drugs

Using drugs can have severe damages to your libido and alcohol is the worse when it comes to killing your libido. Alcohol addicts find it tough to control their penis muscles, and I know that you have seen that drunk people urinate on themselves all the time.

This is the same mechanism that makes it impossible for drunkards to ‘hold up’. If you want to save your relationship or your life for this matter, control your drinking and if possible, completely get rid of it. Nicotine is also the worse enemy of free blood flow through the blood vessels.


This is because it blocks the blood vessels making them narrow and as a result, one develops high blood pressure and people with blood pressure have very poor libido because blood is unable to flow freely through the penis.


Exercise Your Penile Muscle

This is practical, and you can do it anytime anywhere without anybody realizing it but only to some extent. That moment when you feel like peeing, don't run to the toilet immediately. Try and restrict the urine from coming out by holding it back contracting your penile muscles.


This has the effect of putting you under more control of your erections, and this puts you in a better position to perform better in bed.


Don't Masturbate

There have been claims going around that masturbation increases libido in men, but the truth is that it reduces it. When muster-bating, you will relieve your sexual tension but only by damaging your brain.

First of all, you will be ejaculating without any real sex, and you will be forcing your brain to adapt to this as well. The effect of this is that when you meet a real woman for real sex, you will easily get over excited and ejaculate prematurely by even a ladies touch.

Don't Masturbate

Being addicted to pornographic materials also subjects the brain to the same problem of premature ejaculation.


Avoid Supplements

As much as supplements such as Viagra can up your game in bed, if not used the right way or if used for a long time, they may have bad effects on your libido.


The body has the tendency of developing over-dependence to these drugs and at some point, the body may refuse to function properly without them. To some serious extents, these drugs can completely kill your libido making you completely competent.

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