Smoking Related Diseases and How They Can Be Treated

Smoking has some effects including some highly dangerous diseases. This is why a lot of people are advised against the harmful effects of smoking and the best ways to avoid the diseases related to smoking activities.


​Many people often indulge in smoking before considering the risks they might be exposing themselves to, and this is the reason why many of them ultimately end up dead due to failure to recognize their faults early to take care of them.

Cigarette smoking is a very harmful way of living, and mostly it’s accompanied by several diseases or defects to the user, especially to a long term user. It can, for instance, lead to cancer of the liver or many other parts of the kidney, skin or cervix.​

It is advisable that people know and understand the dangers involved in the smoking of cigarettes and thus be able to take care of them much better to avoid further harm to their body.

smoking related diseases

​Treating these kinds of smoking related diseases can sometimes be very expensive and when in advanced stages, cancer may not be able to be treated thus causing a total loss of money and resources by the victims involved.

Severe smoking of cigarettes can be responsible for the presence of liver cirrhosis, and also may affect the lungs which turn as dark as charcoal due to the smoke that they are exposed to. Once the lungs are affected, it’s possible that the smoker will experience difficulty in breathing and in severe cases may ultimately die.

​Many of the smoking groups often think that smoking gives them the feeling of maturity that they would often look like they are older than the age they claim to have. Several diseases can be found as a result of smoking cigarette where many of them cannot be treated.

smoking cigarette

​Lung cancer and emphysema, which is damage to the air sacs, are not curable and most often patients with such disease need advanced surgery or lung transplants. Those with lung diseases, however, cannot live to up to 5 years according to research.

​This is why a lot of precautions are needed to ensure we always put our health first before we choose to indulge in such irresponsible behavior.

The nicotine contained in the cigarette often has addictive components that often make it very hard to quit smoking cigarettes, and it’s the same component that often ruins the lungs. The smoke produced, which is carbon monoxide, is evident in the body in that it changes the color of the lungs by turning them from pink to a charcoal-like color.

carbon monoxide

​The diseases that affect the heart can be very fatal, and a good example here is the coronary artery disease which, in severe cases, usually leads to the death of the victim involved.

​This is because it is a condition where the arteries are narrowed, thereby making the flow of blood difficult to and from the heart. This reduces the chances of oxygen being in the blood, so when it travels to the brain, it affects it and leads to death.

Most of them are untreatable and can result in serious damage to one's body; many can often only be treated when realized at the earlier stages and the right medication sought out. Treating diseases like cancer, whether of the lung, skin or cervix requires one to be given quick and available drug system otherwise they can be very damaging to the body.

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