5 Signs That You Need to Speed up Your Exercises

Have you had enough exercise lately? What is new with your workout routine? Is your routine delivering the kind of results you actually like? Or is life sucking you away from living a fit and healthy life?


For us fitness buffs who always want to stay in shape despite our busy schedules, it may be hard to find time to dedicate to the kind of workout routine that we have in mind.

When you get used to spending a couple of hours at the gym, at the park, or inside your home sweating it out, it is quite difficult to suddenly not have time for exercise.

Here we list five signs that indicate that you need to speed up your exercise. We will also discuss a few tips and tricks to do it successfully.


Your Workout Routine Is Taking Too Much Time

So you are having a busy day. You had to work overtime because there is just too much work to be done at the office. You set a dinner date with your partner, and you plan to spend the night together.

However, you still want to workout. Of course, you do not want to drop any of your activities. One thing you can do is to speed up your workout, that is, cut the hours you spend exercising.


If you are doing a complete body exercise every day, divide your routine into groups so that you focus on one or two muscle groups per workout. Then, you can spread these groupings throughout the week.

Here is my personal list of ideal groupings:

  • Cardiovascular exercises and leg workouts.
  • Chest and bicep exercises.
  • Shoulder and triceps exercises.
  • Abs and back exercises.


Your Body Has Adapted to Your Workout Routine

When you have been working out for a long time doing the same routine over and over again, your body will eventually get used to your patterns. This would make sweating a little bit more difficult. This will also make you feel like you did not get the best out of your exercise.


One effective way to remedy this is to speed up your exercise. By doing this, you are not really doing any modifications to your routine, but you are upping the intensity of your workout because of how fast you are moving through the routine.


Workouts Are getting Boring

If you love working out and you suddenly find it to be a little bit boring, it may be best to speed up your exercise. This is a little bit similar to your body completely adapting to your routine. However, this is more on the psychological aspect of your exercise.


Speeding up your exercise will put you in a better rhythm as you workout. This way, you will find your exercise routine to be entertaining and challenging once more. Playing music as you workout will also help you in doing this.


Life Outside The Gym Seems to be Slowing Down

Now, you might think that this has nothing to do with the speed of your workout. I respond on the contrary. When your day is slow and without much fanfare, a speedy workout can be the highlight of your day.

When you speed up your exercise, your blood flows more strongly as your heart pumps harder. This gives you a feeling of a high, intensity, enjoyment, and fulfillment, especially if you get to do all the exercises that you are planning to do.


A good exercise also helps you release mental and emotional stress because it takes your mind away from the thoughts that have been in your head. And the faster and the harder you exercise, the more you feel better despite what you are going through in life.

This will in turn help you be more mentally sharp, and will help improve your outlook in life in the long run.


Your Body Is Sore

It is also a good idea speed up your exercise when you feel some sores in your body. This allows you to workout and sweat it out without putting too much stress on your body.


 Aerobic exercises are the best form of workout during these times. When you start sweating, your body will feel a little better, and your body sores will disappear.

Not everyone is looking to speed up their workout routines, especially if they have gone used to it and it is still producing positive results to their bodies. But what is the harm in making a few changes to the way you exercise?

Speed is another challenge that you can put up for your body. After all, the end goal of working out is to be more fit and stronger.

Speeding up your exercise can be beneficial for you. Above all else, when you speed up your exercise, you get to have more energy, allowing you to do most if not all the things that you want to do in a period of 24 hours.

Final Words

However, as with any sort of exercise, it is essential to warm up and let your body cool down before and after the workout to avoid injuries. An increase in the speed of your workout will only result to good things for your body, and will also improve your outlook towards maintaining a fit and healthy body.

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