10 Annoying Habits to Avoid in the Gym

Some habits may not be well taken by the gym staff or even the people who are doing their workouts there. This would lead to possible expulsion from the gym or negative reactions from both the staff and other users of the gym. They include the following:



Loud Grunting

This is a very popular behavior among many female gym users. It is especially common among women trying to lift weights that exceed their capacities.

annoying habits

The grunt is an involuntary cry for help. Grunting in the gym is a total distraction, and people may not be pleased with you. You can avoid this by sticking to your limits.


Carelessness and Not Re-Racking Weights

It is pretty common to see people who come to the gym as they are supposed to, observe all the regulations and rules at the gym but at the end of their workout end up spoiling everything.


This happens when they fail to return the weights that they used back to their respective racks. It is a very bad practice and a total inconvenience to other users who also wish to use the same weights.

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Repetitive Lateness for Gym Sessions

The gym, like any other learning environment, has its sessions that are guided by time. In this aspect, it is important always to be punctual for your sessions to make the most out of them and not cut into other people’s time.

Repetitive Lateness for Gym Sessions

While it may be excusable to be late once in the gym, it is not excusable to always be late for the sessions. This also applies to the group sessions that you may be part of.


Dropping Weights

The way in which we end our workout routines is also a way to portray our character. Even though every gym user knows how heavy the weights are and how exhausting they can be, it is still not good practice to drop weights on the floor.

Dropping Weights

The weights produce a deafening clang which that distracts and irritates the other people in the gym. Instead of dropping the weight, lay it gently on the ground once you are done.


Singing Along to Music Loudly

Going to the gym with your music playing on your headphones is not a bad idea. However, note that not everyone in the gym has headphones and is listening to music. 


You need to keep your music to yourself. Singing loudly along to your music is a distraction and, to most users, a nuisance.


Chatting on Cell Phones

While in the gym, you should concentrate on one item at a time. This comes as a result of people who use their cell phones to text well as chatting with other people loudly.


It is a bad practice to pause the workout just to reply your text as other people keep waiting. Therefore try and leave a cell phone in your bag until you are out of the gym.


Hogging Machines

In the gym here are no personal machines. If you have finished your workout, you should leave immediately to give the others space. It is disappointing and selfish to see a lady just sitting on the exercise bike and doing nothing.



Not Wiping Sweat off The Equipment

Nobody likes to start a workout session using sweat stained equipment. It is something that is also not hygienic. 


After finishing your workout, you should take a few minutes to clean the equipment that you have soiled with sweat so that others too can use it comfortably.


Extremely Revealing Outfits

The gym is not a fashion runway. Being decent in your dressing in the gym is important. 


Some outfits make other gym users uncomfortable. Revealing outfits are a distraction to most males in the gym.


Body Odour

Nobody wants to work out next to a stinky or smelly person. When you are dirty, people who use the gym are not able to freely interact and even fear using the same equipment as you. 

Body Odour

To avoid this consider taking a bath both before and after the gym workout. It might also save you a lot of embarrassment in the gym.

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