Top Factors That Lead to Premature Aging

It is out of the blue to becomes aged before the real-time; natural aging is part and parcel of life; on contrary, premature aging symbolizes unnatural speeding up of natural aging course of action which cannot be accepted and needs to be properly treated.


There are a lot of causes that are associated with this premature aging such as too much contact with the sun, leading an unsanitary lifestyle, etc. Here you will be able to understand these 10 causes that are liable or lead you to premature aging.



Too much sun exposure causes major spots and wrinkles in your face, besides; it reduces your skin elasticity. Sunlight is directly liable to accelerate your aging process. Sunlight speeds up collagen fibers’ damage in your skin during the oxidation process.

Don’t Go to The Sun

Flexible collagen fibers turn out to be rigid and easily broken; eventually, their basic construction is damaged. This oxidation process harms genetic substance in skin cells as well as it is also liable for an unusual separation of cells.

Thus; your skin becomes rough, skinny and wrinkles starts developing in your skin. Beyond that, extended sun contact damages your natural skin.



Smoking is not only very harmful to health, but also it accelerates the aging process. Smoking is responsible for early fine lines in your skin especially in the area of very thin skin.


These smoking lines seem earlier in the case of smokers. Smoking reduces the level of Vitamin C from your skin, and the production of vitamin C reduces significantly; finally, manufacture of collagen fibers stops; as a result, your skin lose its elasticity and cannot keep up youthful and hale and hearty skin.


Low Sugar Diet

Due to taking sugars as well as sweets, it will make your skin rigid and lose its inflexibility. Have foods that contain proper protein; because, it is vital to the manufacture protein structures; so that, you will be able to keep up your skin fresh and youthful.

Low Diet

Have Fruits and Vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables in your daily nutrition as they are the principal sources of antioxidants. Sun exposure, smoking, chronic diseases and air pollution accelerates oxidation damages in your skin.

Fruits and Vegetables moderately deactivate the oxidative damages; besides, fruits and vegetables contain a huge amount of vitamin C that are indispensable to produce collagen.



In your biological procedure, your body may produce enzymes inherently. Some enzymes produce antioxidants that are essential for smooth and polished skin. These enzymes that produce antioxidant can manage the damages that associated with aging process. Sometimes it is not your fault that causes your premature aging.



Stress discharges stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that accelerate various aging processes, and that causes various aging diseases.

Depressed Mood

Less Physical Exercise

Exercises are essential to keep you looking and feeling young; however, lack of physical exercise shortens your life and increase the risk of obesity and heart disease; eventually, it causes your premature aging.

Lazy Man

Lack of Complete Sleep

Your body discharges growth hormone while you are sleeping from the pituitary gland; besides, this hormone has a great importance in keeping various body tissues and their renewal, including the skin tissue. Lack of sleep eventually leads you premature aging.

Lack of Complete Sleep


Alcohol damages your skin texture and color and responsible for bulged eyes. It is also responsible for premature aging.



Depression stops cell division and causes premature cell death. This also helps to accelerate aging of the cells; besides, it also causes an increase in stress hormones secretion and accelerates the aging process. Thus it is too responsible for premature aging.


It is beyond your reach to change the genetic cause; however, you can still regulate the other issues to delay premature aging. When you become aware of these factors that cause premature aging, you will be able to find out a suitable solution.

As, aging is an unavoidable part of your life, it is up to you how quickly or else how well you manage these above factors. There are some obvious causes of premature aging, they can be prevented or delayed if you develop conscious in you.

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