8 Things That Will Rule out the Gain of Your Workout

Avoid doing these 8 things so that your workout will not be wasted. At one point or another, you have done a few of these 8 things that will waste your workout. These things wasted your time and energy poured into the exercises.


These also increased your risk for injuries. Many of these things may even seem small but their impact is big in the long run.


Losing Good Posture

Keep in mind that good posture refers to the body’s proper alignment from head to feet. The alignment evenly distributes the force of gravity on your muscles and bones. The even distribution prevents any single structure from being overworked or overtaxed.

Losing Good Posture

In all types of exercises, the spine should always stay aligned for safety purposes. Even the simple movement of turning your head during a squat can injure your spinal discs. A few tips in keeping your good posture or form:

  • Ask for an experienced spotter who can provide inputs during your first month.
  • Start with lighter weights so that you can work on your good form and technique.
  • Progress to heavier weights when you have mastered good posture.
  • Be aware of where each part of your body is in relation to the others.


Working out for More than an Hour

Conventional wisdom says that the longer the workout period, the better the results. But this isn’t so! Studies have shown that after 30 to 40 minutes, the benefits of working out isn’t as great as expected.

This is because after 40 minutes, the intensity of the workout has to be reduced. Your body has reduced physical energy while your mind drifts in and out of the zone. You will be less likely to perform the exercises with the necessary enthusiasm, too.

Working out for More than an Hour

The result: Your body becomes less receptive to more stimulation. You will even increase your risk for injuries. Your muscles and joints have reached their limits.

Instead of spending more than an hour in the gym, limit your workouts to 40 minutes each session. But be sure to increase the intensity of the exercises. High-intensity interval training is recommended since it increases the efficacy of your exercises.


Focusing on Isolation Exercises

Many people focus too much on isolation exercises to build larger muscles. While isolation exercises have their benefits, these can also waste your workout time. Instead of isolation exercises, you should focus more on compound exercises.

These simultaneously work out several muscle groups. You will enjoy more benefits in less time and with less effort in this manner. Plus, compound exercises strengthen the muscles that work together in your daily life activities.

Focusing on Isolation Exercises

A few examples of compound exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench presses
  • Military presses
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips


Stopping Short

When you use a partial range of motion, you’re cheating yourself. You’re depriving yourself of the maximum benefits that your body can get from exercise. You’re also not pushing your body to its tolerable limits and, thus, depriving it of growth.

In a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, performing exercises with a partial range of motion has adverse results.

Stopping Short

The participants who did so experienced lesser gains in muscular size and strength. They also reported lower fat reduction. The participants who performed the full range of motion performed better.

Be sure to perform the exercises with a full range of motion – unless, you experience pain in doing so. In this case, you shouldn’t be doing the exercises in the first place.


Getting Insufficient Nutrients

The body needs the right nutrients in the right quantities at the right time. But many people, especially newbies, make several nutrition-related mistakes including:

In a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, performing exercises with a partial range of motion has adverse results. The participants who did so experienced lesser gains in muscular size and strength.

Getting Insufficient Nutrients

They also reported lower fat reduction. The participants who performed the full range of motion performed better.

  • Not getting their protein shakes and sources. You will get little benefit out of your workouts without enough amounts of protein. You need the macronutrient because it’s the building blocks of muscles.
  • Not getting healthy carbs. You may have adopted a low-carb diet because of carbs’ negative effects. But carbs are a must because the macronutrient is the body’s main source of fuel!
  • Not getting enough water. You should rehydrate your body throughout the day. Your body takes two hours to absorb water so drinking it before exercising will not do the trick.


Lifting Too Fast, Too Heavy, or Too Bad

Let’s take a look at the many ways you can waste your weightlifting workout.

  • First, you may be contracting your muscles slowly before releasing quickly. You should instead lift and release slowly, which will maximize your moves. You can, for example, lift and lower using a 5-second count in both directions.
  • Second, you may be lifting with heavier weights. But if you’re losing good form, then you’re wasting your workout. You should lift the heaviest weight that will not sacrifice your good form.
  • Third, you may be doing many sets with lighter weights to failure. Increase your effectiveness by performing just one set with heavy weights to failure. You should remember that lifting to failure doesn’t equate to lifting with improper posture.
Lifting Too Fast, Too Heavy, or Too Bad


Sticking to One Workout Routine

Your body will adjust to the stresses placed upon it when you stick to a single workout routine. You will not be getting an effective workout, thus, you’re wasting your time.

Sticking to One Workout Routine

You should instead mix up your strength training routine every few weeks. You must also cross-train in case of cardio training.


Continuing without Resting

In circuit training, avoid continuing without resting between sets. This doesn’t provide the necessary rest period resulting in a waste of the workout. But resting between sets of the same exercises is also inefficient.

Continuing without Resting

Instead of performing one set and doing the next set, it’s better to rest between two types of exercises. You should move on to different exercises in your circuit so you can rest each muscle group. You will then enjoy a good balance between cardio and strength training.

Final Words

Keep in mind that these 8 things are interrelated. For example, losing good posture can contribute to stopping short on a full range of motion. You should then determine the interrelatedness of the mistakes that you’ve been making.

You will be able to adopt effective and efficient solutions to your workout-related issues. Your time and energy spend in the gym will be maximized for it, too.

The more important thing is that you actually perform cardio, strength and flexibility exercises! Your mind and body will be better for them, too, so there’s actually no waste involved.

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