The Top 10 Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke symptoms appear suddenly. The affected person may look pale, feel unwell and feel sick at that moment. Stroke advances as you get old but a significant number of young and middle-aged people do experience stroke also.


​The doctor is the right person that will determine whether a stroke is a mini stroke or another medical condition with similar symptoms, such as a seizure or a migraine. Stroke is a so serious disease, and if one experiences some symptoms, then he or she should seek help from a doctor.

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Some of The Symptoms of Stroke Are


Memory Loss

A victim of stroke tends to forget quite easily, and if you ask them any question, they hardly recall the answers. For example, if you ask them where did you put your sweater? They will give no satisfactory answer regarding where they had placed it the last time.

Such a pity for the stroke victims who tends to forget things easily. This leads to confusion which affects your speech too. The speech may be slurred, or the person may not be able to speak at all even when he or she is wide awake.


A Sudden Weakness of The Body

It usually happens on one side of the body maybe not the right-hand side or on the left-hand side. This leads to an inability to move various body organs like the hand or leg. Weakness or numbness of the face can also be felt.

sudden weakness  body

The Problem with Vision

Your sight can now be a problem as you tend to see things in a blurred manner. You might think that it is just a problem because of old age, but it could be something worse.


That is why you are advised to seek doctors’ assistance so that they can determine the cause of your sight problem. Stroke can also cause loss of sight permanently or loss of sight in one eye.


Balance Loss or Dizziness

Feeling dizzy and nauseated for a long period could indicate that you have a symptom of stroke. People might think that s/he is a drunkard.


Sudden Body Pain

When you feel a sudden body pain on your arm or leg or one side of your face, do not ignore this. You should run to the doctor immediately so that you can be checked up.

Sudden body pain

Mostly for the women, they do experience more often hence they should be aware of parts the pain originates from.


A Severe Headache

Ever so often many people experience headaches that seem not to be controlled by painkillers. Some headaches have been misinterpreted for migraines.

A severe headache

When you feel a headache is too persistent, you must not take it lightly because it has been found to be one of the most common symptoms of a stroke. Women suffer such headaches on the onset of a stroke.


Difficulty in Speech

This is noted when one finds it difficult to express themselves. Stoke can make a person not to understand speech from other people let alone themselves. One is likely to suffer from a minor stroke.

Difficulty in speech

Droopy Face

All of a sudden one morning you wake up and find that one side of your face is experiencing some weakness. This is a sign of stroke. When you visit a doctor, and you are unable to smile, or your face just does not move then you should start on medication.

Droopy face


Fatigue is most commonly associated with some illnesses. When fatigued daily and you have tried almost everything to cure it then this could be a stroke.


Most women who are likely to experience stroke suffer from fatigue, general weakness of the body and change in mental status.


Loss of Breath

When you become breathless more often and your heart beat increases such that you feel as if you are in a race even when you are at rest, then you should seek medical attention. Women are more likely to suffer from this on the onset of stroke.

Loss of breath
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