How to Deal with Balding in Men?

Baldness in men is a condition whereby hair does not grow as expected on the head but leaves some sections of the head. This condition is said to be hereditary while others are simply a sign of a health condition.


Whatever the cause, here are some things you can apply to deal with your baldness problem.


Find out the Cause

Two major things can cause baldness. It can be hereditary or simply a health condition because a heart disease sometimes causes baldness.


If the heart complication is the cause of your baldness, then the right way to deal with it is by seeking medical attention, but if it is by hereditary, then you can find other ways to deal with it.


Eat Enough Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the types of foods that are ideal for healthy hair. The cause of your baldness can be caused by the inability of your body to produce enough fatty acids, and this can be boosted by taking in enough fatty acids in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are the ideal fatty acids for hair growth.



Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair will normally fail to grow due to lack of cells responsible for hair growth on the head. This can be corrected by a surgical method where these cells are transferred commonly from the back of the head to the point where hair growth is required on the head.



Taking Medicine

A special drug called Finasteride can also be used to correct baldness. This drug works by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which is responsible for converting test poster on to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is one of the main causes of baldness in men.



Avoid Stress

One thing with stress affects every part your body and it can affect your hair growth and cause or worsen baldness in men. Stress can be avoided by doing exercises and getting enough sleep.


Staying stress-free also encourages blood flow in the body which is crucial for hair growth because blood plays the role of providing the hair follicle cells with nutrients for working properly.


Watch Your Diet

Nutrition is very important to the body since it is responsible for building up the body tissues making them more effective.


Eating the right kinds of foods that are rich in nutrients responsible for hair growth is one of the best and natural ways to control baldness. These nutrients include iron, vitamin C, fatty acids, biotin, and zinc.


Take Care of Your Hair

Baldness can be caused by damaging the tissues around your head. A common cause of this is usually using heating equipment for drying and styling hair. Heat can easily kill and damage tissues, and this can easily lead to baldness.



Wash Your Hair

Hair hygiene is crucial and should be done that right way using the right products. You should, however, avoid washing your hair with concentrated products in the name of removing all the germs and dirt from your hair.


Highly concentrated hair shampoos can also damage your hair and be the cause of baldness.


Visit Your Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are trained, and they know all there is about the hair. Your hair stylist can detect early enough if you might be developing baldness and he is also able to assist you on ways how to take care of the problem. Hair has its health, and your hair stylist is the doctor.



Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is one of the things you can go for when you realize that you are getting bald. Hair treatment slows down baldness, and it can also take care of temporary baldness permanently. Hair treatment repairs and improves hair regarding growth and quality.




Here, the main idea is simply to reactivate the hair follicle cells that have gotten inactive. The process involves injecting the scalp severally with vitamins, pharmaceutical drugs, and other ingredients. This is known as one of the safest and most preferred ways of correcting baldness.

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