Top 12 Anti-Aging Home Remedies

Nowadays anti-aging is extremely popular as well as every walk of people want to fight against aging and want to stay youthful. For this purpose, anti-aging home remedies have no other substitute.


To look your skin better, younger-looking, lively, you may go to these 12 natural recipes to remove fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles and spots from your skin and save your money and time:



Potato is very useful to use as anti-aging home remedies. You should gently massage your skin with potato. You may make juice by squeezing potato and then apply in your skin with very its slices. Massage all over your face with this juice and keep it at least 10 minutes and then wash your face with regular water.



Use papaya as an ingredient of beautification. Massage face using ripe papaya and keep it for 20 minutes and then wash with regular water. It will keep your skin bright and removes dryness. It also removes your skin wrinkles and dark spots.


Egg White

Mix egg white with lemon juice (one spoon), add some olive oil in it to get rid of dry skin. Apply the proper mixture in the face and keep 25 minutes, you can use this procedure thrice in a week. It will tighten your skin, and cut your wrinkles.

Egg Whites 2

Olive Oil

Olive oil with almond paste is very efficient and massage all over your face and keep it at least 20 minutes; wash with regular water and use it thrice in a week. To brighten your skin and remove dark spots, you also add lemon juice to it.



Mix one spoon buttermilk with two spoon oatmeal, one spoon olive oil and one spoon almond paste, then, apply to your face and neck for twenty-five minutes wash your face using lukewarm normal water. If you have oily skin, use one spoon lemon juice.


Egg, Olive Oil, and Honey

Mix one spoon olive oil, egg yolk, one spoon turmeric, one spoon lime juice and then apply on your face for at least ten minutes. Then wash your face using regular water. Don’t put out of your mind to use moisturizer.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a terrific anti-aging element that removes and reduces your wrinkles, black spots, and dark circles. Apply one spoon Aloe Vera, one spoon honey, lime juice at least for twenty minutes every day and wash your face using regular water.

Aloe Vera


Avocado is very vital natural oils that nourish your skin to prevent wrinkles, dryness, and tighten up loose skin and removes skin dullness. Drudge some pieces of avocado and make two spoon pastes and add one spoon honey with orange juice. Apply to your skin and keep it for half an hour and then wash your face using regular water.


Honey With Rose-Water

Mix one spoon honey and one spoon rose water and apply to your skin and keep it for twenty minutes and then wash your face using lukewarm water. In the case of oily skin, you need to add one spoon tomato juice. It will keep your skin safe from wrinkles and increases brightness.

Honey With Rose-Water


Cabbage contains vitamins and very vital for skin nourishment. It also tightens loose skin and removes dark spots, wrinkles from your skin.

You may use chopped cabbage with one spoon gram flour, one egg white and mix them and make a paste with one spoon honey, lemon juice and apply to your skin for twenty minutes at least and then wash your face using regular water.


Coconut Milk

Squeeze coconut and make milk and add one spoon olive oil with smashed banana and one spoon honey and make a paste and apply on your skin for half an hour. Wash your face using regular water. It will increase your brightness.

Coconut Milk


Honey is no doubt most excellent skin products and has a lot of anti-aging properties. This home-based skin care product helps to keep moisture; so that, your skin remains well hydrated. If you apply honey to your face, it will certainly help you to remove acne and supply moisturizer which is another anti-aging benefits.

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