Top 4 Breakthroughs in Sex Research

If you think that you know the sex, there are many more areas that are closely related to sex on which not as much information is available. There has been a lot of research in this field with some very interesting results. Here are a few of the results that the researchers revealed;



Sex Relieves Stress

Having sex is one of the ways through which one can relieve stress. This is because sex can fully distract someone since when having the intercourse; one’s mind can get focused on the activity 100%.

Sex also provides a one of a kind pleasure that cannot be measured against any other type of feeling in this world. With these capabilities, sex is just the right type of stress reliever that you may need.​

no stress

Some people who know how much sex is healthy for them normally resolve to masturbation and yes women too do masturbate when the sexual urge reaches its peak, and there is no one around to help them out sexually.


Sex Addiction Exists

Another great discovery that was made under research in sex is that sex addiction exists. You may find some people who just can’t have enough of it and in most cases, this lands them in trouble in the society.

This discovery is considered to be a breakthrough because this condition has been studied and the remedy for it have been developed to help people with such a condition.

sex addiction

Sex addiction can be compared to drug addiction and in critical cases, sex addicts go to extreme levels just to quench their sexual thirst.​

According to a specialist, this is a condition that is created by one's brain, and most of these victims have a history of sexual molestation in the past especially when they were kids. Today, those who have admitted being sexual addicts are being helped through medication and other programs


Sex Is All in The Brain

The reason why it was possible for people to come up with theories on how to have the best sex is that it was discovered that sex is something that is controlled by the brain in humans. This has improved the sexual lives of many people since they can learn how to adjust and prepare their bodies and minds for sexual intercourse.

brain function sex

This discovery has also helped in assisting people with sexual problems like sex addicts and other people who have other sexual dysfunctions like the inability to erect in men and the inability to reach an orgasm in women.


The Penis Size Does Not Matter

Most women believe that the bigger the man’s penis, the better the satisfaction she will get, but this is not true at all. Research has it that a woman’s vagina can adapt to the size of the penis involved in the sexual intercourse, and this means that any size of the penis can satisfy a woman.

There women who also feel that their vagina is too narrow that a big penis cannot make a safe penetration something that can cause a lot of problems especially if the two partners are in a relationship.​

To some extent, this may require a medical solution but the way most people understand it is that penetration can still be made and the vagina being elastic in nature should be able to adapt to the size of the penis​.


There are however some other things about sex that have not yet been made clear, and research is still being done on them for example, the mechanism behind an orgasm.​

As far as we know it, an orgasm is only achieved when the right thing is done at the right time but what remains a mystery is what activates the responsible parts of the body or brain so that an orgasm takes place. Sex is still being worked on, and some more secrets about this awesome activity are yet to be discovered.

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