Top 5 Factors That Cause High Cholesterol

It is a common fact that the excessive intake of cholesterol is harmful to the body, and thus one should know how much cholesterol intakes s/he takes for his/her health system, as high cholesterol in the body often leads to heart failures which may eventually shorten your lifespan.


Top 5 Factors That Cause High Cholesterol

​A lot of risk factors have been found to be associated with the cause of the high cholesterol, and some are listed below:


Stress is the number one factor when it comes to the increase of the cholesterol levels in the body. It is normal to have the on and off periods of stress, but when it gets to affecting the way you eat and how you carry out your duties, then it becomes a real concern.

This is why it is very necessary to try and keep your stress levels manageable so as to ensure that your cholesterol levels are within acceptable standards.

Avoid Stress

Regular exercise can go a great way in helping to reduce the stress levels, and one should indulge in them often. One must, therefore, know and understand how to cope with their stress levels.


The excess intake of alcohol is yet another factor that has increased the causes of high cholesterol in the body. It has as been said that the consumption of red wine can help reduce the level of cholesterol in the body, which is not entirely true.


This is because there are two types of cholesterol in the body where one is the good kind and another only causes damage to the body system. Drinking too much wine can increase the levels of cholesterol and even cause excessive damage to the heart.


One’s weight has also been a factor when it comes to cholesterol levels in the body. The intake of saturated fats makes someone gain excess weight which is very harmful to the body.

People with excess weight find it very hard to exercise and thus contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body.

body weight

This can be reduced by involving in exercises, even without the gym, you ca still cut down on your weight by jogging, cycling or swimming. Keeping up with this can help reduce cholesterol levels thus lower risks of heart diseases.


Another factor is the family history. Some families suffer from the level cholesterol problems and thus it may go down ton their kids and become a threat to their lives.


It is possible to have inherited the disorder from your parents, and thus nothing much can be done, one lives with it with proper care and management to avoid severe cases.


Gender and age are other factors that may be considered as the causes of the high cholesterol levels.

The scientific research has proved that as one gets older the chances of having high cholesterol in the body are very high and thus a lot of caution is needed regarding the intake of foods and the types of foods one consumes.


Women have also been known to have their levels of cholesterol increase after the menopause level, unlike the men who get this increase in their younger ages.

Final Words

In summary, the high levels of cholesterol in the body can be a great cause for the risks of heart infections and failures and thus every individual should understand how they can take care of their food choices to ensure that they give their body the best care needed.​

They should often consider the intake of saturated fats in their body to ensure they don’t increase the cholesterol levels and to make sure that they keep their body system safe and healthy.

With proper care of the body and right choice of foods, it is tough for one to suffer from high cholesterol levels and hence a great improvement in the health system of the individual. Making the right choices leads to healthier living.

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