Top 5 Vitamins to Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Vitamins play a major role in enhancing faster hair development. Though many types of vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth, the following five have proved very effective over the past years.


Top 5 Vitamins to Help Your Hair Grow Faster

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Vitamin B12

This vitamin component speeds up the process of natural hair development in varied ways. For one, it feeds proteins (which make up eighty percent of the human hair) into the hair follicles and thereby enhancing hair growth.

Moreover, it also accelerates the body’s metabolism by acting as catalysts and thereby improving all the processes in the body.

Vitamin B12

Besides, it also discourages hair loss, ensuring that you have your long hair once it is developed. To double your hair growth. Therefore, you should take a pound of liver, which is a rich source of this vitamin on a daily basis.​

Alternatively, you can have plenty of fish and eggs which also supply this vitamin in abundance. Vitamin C can also be obtained from fortified cereals, though in limited quantities, as it is majority abundant in animal products.


Vitamin H

Also known as biotin, vitamin H enhances faster hair growth by increasing the hair elasticity. Also, it nourishes the hair keeping it moisturized which is necessary for preventing hair loss. In the presence of biotin, produce keratin, a major component of healthy and fast growing hair, is produced in abundance.

Vitamin H

For faster hair development, therefore, one should take plenty of green peas and oats which are rich sources of this vitamin. Brown rice and brewer’s yeast have also been known to contain sufficient dosage of this vital vitamin.​

In the absence of this, one can opt for the oral biotin tablets. However, excessive intake, above 100 mg, of biotin tablets might result to reverse effects and is, therefore, inadvisable.


Vitamin A

Apart from its widely known role of eyesight promotion, vitamin A also plays an essential role in faster hair growth. Sufficient intake of vitamin A enhances secretion of serum which keeps the hair from drying up and falling off. Moreover, it also counteracts the effects of radicals that slow down rapid hair development.

Vitamin A

This powerful antioxidant is normally present in vegetables like spinach and fresh fruits like carrots and peaches. Similarly, it can be obtained from oil extracts like krill oil and cod liver oil. Caution should, however, be taken as excessive consumption of vitamin A rich foods might raise the level of toxins that discourage faster hair development.


Vitamin E

Widely known for its antioxidant properties and skin nourishment, vitamin E’s benefits go beyond the skin. It increases the body’s intake of oxygen which in turn promotes free blood circulation that is necessary for the production of new hairs.

Moreover, it also boosts the body’s immune system responsible for fighting against hair loss and toxins responsible for slow hair growth.

Vitamin E

It also promotes the faster flow of blood to the scalp which in turn enhances faster hair growth. About 400 IUs of vitamin A is necessary for rapid hair development. This can be obtained from beans, nuts and leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.​

Alternatively, one can take the oral pills but in limited quantities as an overrated presence in the body might result to unnecessary bleeding especially during surgeries. Topical application of vitamin E on the hair has also generated impressive results in the past and is, therefore, preferable.


Vitamin C

This common vitamin not only strengthens hair shafts but also serves as a powerful antioxidant against toxins that discourage faster hair development. It is also responsible for minimizing hair breakage in addition to providing firm support to hair follicles and thereby laying a basis for healthy and rapid hair development.

Vitamin C is also responsible for detoxification of harmful chemical components that often impede normal and faster hair development.

Vitamin C

The main sources of this vitamin are mainly citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Other fruits like guavas and papaws also contain substantial amounts of this vitamin.​

Alternatively, it can be obtained from fresh vegetables such as kales and spinach. Intake of vitamin C supplement can also help in obtaining this essential hair growth component. The most effective mode, however, is the use of shampoos rich in vitamin C as it produced impressive results within two weeks.

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