5 Yoga Poses Women Should Practice Regularly for a Fit Body

Yoga is a way that people can use to stay physically fit. Women normally do yoga so that they contact their inner self and release all the tension that they have. If you do not know what you are supposed to do then, you can also get a personal trainer to teach you the best moves.


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Alternatively, you can also buy yoga DVDs so that you get the whole idea of what it is that you are supposed to do. Getting to know the yoga routines will ensure that you know the right postures that work best for you.

You should know that the different routines are specifically suited to achieve specific goals, therefore, getting to know the top routines will ensure that you can achieve the goals that you set. The top 5 routines for women include:-

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Child's Pose

This is a routine that most women need so to relieve their low back tightness. This involves stretching the hips, the quads and the back. This is a combination that ensures that the female body is relieved of any tightness so that they feel better.

All that one has to do is kneel on the floor while ensuring that the big toes and the knees are about a width apart. After doing so, you sit on your heels. Then lay your torso between the thighs and bring the forehead towards the mat.


You then extend your arms straight in front of you while the palms stay on the floor. You then close your eyes and breathe deeply while maintaining the position for at least a minute.


Downward Facing Dog

This is a special type of a yoga routine whereby one starts on all fours while the knees and the feet are a small width apart. The hands are then positioned at shoulder width, and the fingers spread wide.

The next step involves pressing firmly through the hands as one lifts the knees off the floor and this is followed by the straightening of the legs.


You then walk the hands forward while walking the feet back a few inches. The main aim of doing this is so that you get to lengthen the pose. Then squeeze the thighs while pressing them against the wall.

Then press the heels back and down towards the floor. The final move is relaxing both the head and the neck so that the shoulder blades slide back downwards towards the feet. Breathe in deeply and then hold this move for a minute.


Warrior II

This is a very powerful pose that can grant long, toned arms and legs and on top of all that a firm core. Step your feet about 4 feet apart while standing and turn the right foot so that you have the toes pointing the mat.

Then turn the left foot in 300 and raise the arms to shoulder height so that they are parallel to the floor. While doing this, the palms should face down and then you bend the right knee so that the right shin and the thigh from a 900 angle.


Then you finally tuck the tail bone so that you draw the abdomen in. While using the nose, hold for five deep breaths in and out. Then do the same process but on the other side.


Plank Pose

This is one of the routines that are easy yet effective. It involves one forming a downward facing dog and then while pressing into the palms and then bringing the chest forward get your shoulders directly over the wrists.


You should be at the top of a push-up position. Press the heels towards the wall that is behind you while extending the crown of your head so that you get to form a straight line from the top of the head to the heels.


Fierce Pose

In this case, you stand on your feet with the hips some width apart and spread through the toes. The whole idea is that you get to create a stable base. Raise your arms to the sky with the palms facing each other. Bend the knees and sit on your buttocks as if you are sitting in a chair.


Draw in the abdomen so that you eliminate any curving that might be at the lower back. Ensure that you put all the weight on the heels so that you do not get to extend past the toes.

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