Top 6 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is probably one of the worst things that can ever happen to a man. It is a condition where a man might not be able to erect when he needs to have sexual intercourse. This condition is normally very embarrassing to men but what they don’t know is that there are steps that if taken, such a problem can be corrected.


Several things can cause this condition and below are some of the common and major causes.

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A drug addict can easily develop an erectile dysfunction condition. Drugs mess up one's body normal functioning and make him lose control of some part of his body, for example, we all have seen drunken men who are unable to control their urination and they end up doing wetting their pants.

drug addict

Lack of such control of your penis can make it impossible for you to rise to the occasion when you are required, and you should know that this condition is one of the long-term effects of alcohols. 


Misuse of Supplement

Some people use erectile supplements like Viagra to get a good erection. This is not bad but when used the wrong way.

These supplements may make you incompetent in that you may not be able to have an erection without them in your system or even if you do, the erection may not be strong enough for the intercourse, and this may lead to poor performance in bed.

Misuse of supplement

Most supplements work by relaxing the blood vessels around the ponies allowing for a steady flow blood. If this is overdone, the blood vessels in the penis may get damaged and loose shape making it very difficult for blood to flow freely and such conditions are



Most of the men masturbate but what they don’t know is that too much of it over as long time can be very dangerous.

When you masturbate, you may be getting rid of your sexual tension, but this destroys you mentally in that you might not withstand the excitement when you are required to have sex with a real lady, and you end up having premature ejaculations.


When a man ejaculates, it can be impossible for him, to stay erect again since the muscles of the penis automatically relax.


Natural Causes

Some men are born with this condition with majority of them being victims simply because their mothers were abusing drugs when pregnant with them. This can be reversed through surgeries or use of other medications.

abusing drug pregnant

In extreme cases, you may find some men who have a very small penis that they cannot satisfy a woman at any cost but thanks to technology in the field of medicine, such conditions can be corrected.


Diseases And Health Conditions:

There are some diseases that if attack you, you may loose your ability to erect. Examples of these diseases include prostate cancer and diabetes. These diseases are directly related to the reproduction system of your body, and they have the ability to take away your erection ability.

Other health conditions like neurological disorder can prevent you from having an erection since the brain may not be able to coordinate with your reproductive system to make you erect. Accidents and injuries can also make you develop erectile dysfunction.​

Diseases and health conditions

Erection in men is something that is achieved only when a man focuses on it. In some occasions, a man might be unable to get an erection due to stress. This can be any stress whether work related or any other thing.

Stress can cause erection dysfunction, and that is why it is very important that a lady makes sure that she gets a man in the right mood before having sex by getting his undivided attention through other tactics like seducing him.​

You should know that erectile dysfunction is a condition that is correctable and with the right medical attention, a man with this problem can get back his erection ability.

There are two major methods through erectile dysfunction can be corrected through medical processes, and they include surgery where the doctors take care of the problem head on or through the use of drugs where the condition is corrected or treated.​

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