7 Vaccines That You Should Take in Time

Vaccines are usually recommended for all adults and small children. They are very important for those with chronic conditions and who are more likely to develop complications from certain vaccine-preventable diseases.


Vaccination is not only given to you when you are a child because the protection from some vaccines can wear off or the virus or bacteria that the vaccine protects against changes, so your resistance is not as strong as it once used to be.


Vaccinations are determined by factors like medical conditions, lifestyle, age and location of travel among others. Doctors should always be on the look out for all breakouts of viruses as prevention is better than finding the cure. Examples of vaccines that you should know about:


Measles Vaccine

Measles is a highly contagious disease that if found in the nose and throat of infected patients and is transmitted through coughing and sneezing. Vaccination against measles is included in the child`s immunization card.

Measles Vaccine

It is recommended immediately after 12 months of the birth of the baby as two doses are usually administered. The measles vaccine is always a combination of measles-mumps-rubella-varicella combo (MMRV vaccine).


Chicken Pox Vaccine

The vaccine is called Varivax. The virus is airborne as it can be spread through coughing and sneezing or through direct contact with the secretions of the rash.


Chicken pox is more severe in adult men than in women or children and can include life-threatening pneumonia. Pregnant women who are non-vaccinated are vulnerable to chicken pox.


Yellow Fever Vaccine

The Yellow Fever Vaccine is recommended when you are traveling to an affected area. Mosquitoes transmit the virus from one person to the other.

Fever Vaccine

The routine vaccinations are supposed to be administered between the 9th and 12th month after birth. The Virus can be transmitted to an unborn baby from the non-immunised mother.


Hepatitis B Vaccine

The vaccines are Recombivax HB or Engerix-B. You are protected against the Hepatitis B virus which is spread through sharing of sharp objects like needles or sexual contact between infected partners.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

This vaccine is recommended for those who are not in long lasting relationships. If you have many sexual partners the transmission of viruses becomes easier. Serious transmission of hepatitis virus leads to chronic symptoms like liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, and liver failure.


Mumps Vaccine

MMR Booster is the vaccine that is given to people with the mumps. Mumps can trigger life-threatening encephalitis. A rare condition only for the affected people.Some women usually suffer inflammation of the ovaries.

Mumps Vaccine

It also affects the parotid glands and causes a swelling known as parotitis. The virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets when you sneeze and cough. Mumps causes permanent deafness in children.


Polio Vaccine

Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) introduces excellent immunity in the body of a child as it is administered at birth, 2months and four months of age. Polio strikes in warm areas across the world, and they sweep away a lot of lives.

Polio Vaccine

Some of the polio survivors are usually disabled, and you can find them on wheelchairs or use crutches. Is caused by contact with nasal or oral secretions. Children are usually affected at tender ages hence they are mostly vulnerable in damaging their spinal cords and bones.


Tetanus Vaccine

This disease collapses nervous system as well as is produced by a bacterium named Clostridium tetani. A mother can transmit tetanus to her newborn baby if she is not vaccinated.

Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus toxoid is the vaccine administered by doctors to inactivate tetanus toxin. People who injure themselves most of the time are advised to get tetanus boosters to sustain wounds.

Final Words

It has been noted above that the most affected people with the viruses are women and their babies. This is an eye opener whereby mothers should always go to hospitals for regular checkups, and the health of the unborn baby should also be determined.

The public should be aware of all the vaccines that have to be received so as to help the future generations. The combination of vaccines has several advantages.

They reduce costs of stocking and shipping multiple containers and the need for several separate injections. This helps to improve overall vaccination rates by simplifying the vaccination process.

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