6 Weird Facts about Female Breasts

A lot of weird facts have been found out about the breasts; some which may sound truly absurd and untrue if you are hearing them for the first time. It’s funny how women fail to realize that they have great advantages in the twin towers that could go a long way...


In making sure they get the best if only they took better care of themselves. Here is a list of 6 weird facts about breasts that you should know:-

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Poor men are attracted to larger breasts while the financially stable do prefer smaller breasts. It has been studied that the amount of money that every man earns depends on the size of breasts he prefers to have.


The research also determined that poor men seem to be experiencing cases of insecurity, and that is the reason why they prefer the bigger breast sizes. On the contrary, financially stable men prefer the smaller breasts as they already have the resource security.


Men who are less interested in raising families prefer smaller breasts to other sizes. According to the research carried out, the psychologists say that those men who were not interested in being fathers often found big breasts less attractive than the smaller ones.

It showed that the men who wanted to remain sterile favored tiny breasts whereas those who wanted to become fathers had the desire for the big breasts. This is because the large breasts are associated with the capability and ability to nurture children.


According to some research findings, there is a link found between fertility-related hormones and larger breasts, also that larger breasts and smaller waist-to-hip ratio proved the likelihood of conceiving children.


Women who undergo breast implants have higher chances of committing suicide. It is very ironic to learn that a procedure undertaken to save or enhance the life of a woman is also the very cause for their increased chances of committing suicide.

It has been established that, compared to other women, those who undergo breast implants are at least three times most likely to commit suicide.


This is because the suicide issues may have been attributed to already existing psychiatric problems that made them go for the breast in the first place.


Staring at a woman’s breasts extends a man’s life by up to 5 years. This was a study conducted by German researchers and claims that are staring at a woman’s breasts for ten minutes each day helps in boosting a man’s life by five years.

This is equal to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and thus actually helps boost men’s health.


In the study, half of the subjects were allowed to stare at the women’s breasts while the other half were not allowed to do so. The half who were not allowed were considered to have had less blood pressure, slow pulse rates as well as less possible to grow hearty coronary disease.


Breasts are made of food and sex. The female breast does contain 15-25 milk glands that are connected to the milk ducts inside the nipple; these are held up together by the connective and fatty tissue. This is why it’s possible to be able to breastfeed even with implants.

aerobic exercise


In the case of the sex or pleasure part, the nipples have tiny muscle fibers help a lot to erect, gesturing stimulation and some nerve endings which make them sensitive. 


A study shows that there is a straight link between the nipples as well as genitals, and so when the nipples are stimulated, the brains sensual cortex zones conforming to genitals are lit up.

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