Everything You Need to Know about Breast Enlargement

Smaller boobs among women are often considered untrendy. For this reason, many ladies often go out of their way to have larger breast sizes. There are multiple ways of achieving this; be it naturally or using the breast enlargement creams and therapies.


To some ladies, this works perfectly well with minor side effects. Others often undergo several treatments and usage of creams without success.​

One of the most common breast enlargement methods is the use of creams which are manufactured artificially. It is claimed that applying the cream twice a day for a maximum period of six months is likely to have the right effects.​

The results might be evident after about four weeks in some women while other can use up the whole cream without any positive changes.

For those who have tried this option, they believe that effective result cannot be achieved with this option only and other supplementary ways like breast enlargement pills have to be in place.​

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Since these creams are made of varied chemicals, checking out their ingredients is essential if you are to avoid future adverse effects.​

Breast augmentation is yet another way of achieving breast enlargement. This involves transplant of the breast that is conducted by a professional. This is normally carried out in two modes. You can either choose the saline way or even go for the silicon option.​

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The saline version involves salt solution being implanted in your breast to make them appear firm. Rapture of the solution results in you deflation of the breast, and therefore they resume their initial size. The silicon option involves the addition of this content to make the breast appear round and attractive.

This version seems to make the breast appear naturally large compared to the saline implant. It is however quite difficult to discover silicon rupture and it may take a relatively longer time to figure it out.​

Breast Enlargement process

Another option is having placement below or above the chest muscles to make the breasts look naturally firm and steady. Placing these materials above the muscles is the most common option for most women since it is associated with quicker recovery.​

However, you should note that the material used for placement might later have negative impacts on the body after staying within for a long period.​

Other women believe that certain workouts are essential in breast enhancements. Use of dumbbells is a common practice among women as a way of achieving this. This they carry out by lying on their back and carrying the weights up and down several times.​

Others also use wall pushups to help in breast enlargement. This particular choice is often not very common among ladies as it is considered more tedious and involving.​

Moreover, it takes a relatively longer period to come out with satisfactory results as compared to the mother breast enlargement modes. Since many women are after quicker results, they opt for the other modes.​

Their several side effects are associated with breast enlargement, depending on the mode you decide to go for. The most common risk of using the creams is that of developing breast cancer.​

This may be accredited to the fact that most of these creams have high levels of chemicals which try to boost estrogen levels. Since too much estrogen in the body is a predisposing factor to cancer, there are higher chances.​


Moreover, there are combinations of several chemicals used in manufacturing these creams; these can often react to produce an effect that might not be desirable.​

The other mode which deals with surgery also has its side of negative effects. Leakage of silicone implants is likely to raise your chances of getting cancer of the breast. Since it is quite difficult to notice the leakages, it might be too late by the time you come to terms with it.

A saline implant can also pose health risk although these care mildly since it’s merely a water solution. However, the coatings of saline implants are also made of shells similar to that of silicone implant, and this makes it yet another threat.​

Final Words

All in all, breast enlargement is a personal decision of a lady. It has both desirable and negative effects and so before making that vital decision; try weighing your option and go for one which best suits you knowing very well that it wasn’t out of ignorance.​

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