6 Differences Between Yoga and Meditation

Normally individuals tend to confuse between the two terms yoga and meditation. It is quite common to notice someone who is engaging in a certain activity and points it out as meditation or yoga without really knowing the differences between the two.


In the definition of the two terms yoga and meditation, yoga is a term that simply mean union. The union that is talked about is between the soul which symbolizes the individual and the spirit which symbolizes a deity or the universe.

The meaning of the word yoga does entail not only the union but also the attainment of the Union.

Yoga vs. Meditation: 6 Differences

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Yoga Is a Process, Meditation Is a State

Yoga entails different aspects, for example, the Do’s, don’ts, positions, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and spiritual ecstasy. As seen here, meditation is one of the stages that are involved in the conduction of yoga.


A person who achieves this state is called a yogi. Meditation is a state whereby one turns his attention inwardly and focuses on the spirit.


Positions in Yoga Are Different from Meditation Positions

The positions that an individual takes yoga and meditation are different. Firstly, when you are doing yoga, you are supposed to assume an almost sitting on your legs position and engage in activities such as the closure of eyes to concentrate or the deep breathing to let yourself loose.


However, in meditation, it can be dome in any position that one would like to assume. For example, you can meditate even while seated somewhere or by lying down as it only needs the mental and spiritual engagement.


Yoga Has few But Meditation Has a Lot of Major Steps

Yoga is a major process that entails meditation from its definition. Therefore to achieve the whole state of yoga, you must follow it progressively without the jumping off any steps. They are to be followed in order so that they can have a maximum effect on the body.


This will entail getting in the required positions and regulating the breaths. In the meditation process, one only needs to be able to concentrate efficiently for the individual to find ease in the way that he carries out his meditation.


Yoga Promotes Physical and Mental Wellness,
Meditation Promotes Mental Wellbeing Only

In the engagement of the yoga activities, you have to incorporate part of your physical self to achieve the desired results that will see the promotion of the mental aspect of being able to focus entirely and be effective in the meditation process.


In this way, we end up doing two things at one time. First, we can exercise the body itself sand exercises the mind also. In meditation, much of the mental aspect is the only thing that is put into consideration. One needs to be calm and not move in any particular way.


Yoga Presses for The Body Interrelation,
Meditation Is Centered at One Point

For one to be able to conduct the yoga practice effectively, you need to be able to correlate your body parts perfectly to work in harmony and produce the effects that should be able to provide a relaxation feeling on the body.


This will see the whole body starting from the arms and legs working in harmony up to the brain. In meditation, one only needs to be able to focus, and no relation of the body parts is stressed on.


Meditation Is a State, Yoga Is a Practice

Meditation is the state of calmness of the brain that is achieved after one can focus and concentrate on the inner self and the spiritual environment or the universe. Yoga is a practice, a way of life of an individual.

Meditation Is a State, Yoga Is a Practice

It may take a little time for the individual, to become a guru in yoga, hence become a yogi while in meditation anyone can carry it out. There might be a thin line that separates the differences between yoga and meditation.

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